A Little Yoni Egg and Yoga: How They Both Relate To Offer Wonders

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A Little Yoni Egg and Yoga: How They Both Relate To Offer Wonders

The semi precious stones carved into the shape of eggs are known as yoni eggs or jade eggs. Yoni eggs are the ancient, sacred tool for spiritual transformation. They are made from various types of crystal stones such as natural aventurine yoni eggs, rose quartz, nephrite jade, black obsidian and a host of other healing materials. Each crystal has unique properties affecting your body in a variety of ways. The yoni eggs can be drilled or undrilled and are intended to be inserted into the vagina also known as yoni (a sacred place).

For decades, women have been practicing with stone eggs to benefit from sensuality, increased physical and spiritual energy, enhanced well-being, and increased sexual power. It is also an excellent tool for Kegel exercises, a way to maintain health, wellbeing, have better orgasms and relief from various PMS and other vaginal issues. 

What are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises are one of the widely known pelvic floor exercises women perform to help strengthen their vaginal muscles. Natural aventurine yoni eggs assist in these exercises by providing weight to the training and bring added benefits related with the particular crystal you are using. These exercises can help enhance orgasm, rebuild post-partum pelvic strength etc. 

How yoni eggs differ from traditional kegels?

The use of crystals: using crystals is a part of ancient tradition around the world. They bring positivity and are powerful stones in healing, activating and cleansing. The combination of crystals and yoni exercises is wonderful.

The use of weights: yoni eggs help create a resistance training effect for your vagina. The kegels are similar to bicep or triceps curls with no weight however, when you add yoni eggs as weights, you get desired outcomes.

Generally, yoni eggs are only intended to be inside for no more than 15 minutes. After inserting yoni egg, you may begin your dedicate yoni egg yoga to strengthen your being from inside out.

What are the Potential Benefits of Yoni Yoga?

  • It helps draw all the attention and power to your mind and body
  • It helps you be more kind, in-touch and sensitive to yourself
  • It helps develop self-love and self-confidence
  • It helps tapping in to your powerful and sacred feminism
  • It brings more sensation in your Yoni
  • It helps increase orgasms and sexual satisfaction
  • It helps strengthen your pelvic floor, especially postpartum

To wrap up

Yoni Yoga or Kegel exercises with natural aventurine yoni eggs are a broad term and encompass stretching, movement, yoga, mindfulness, prayer, spirituality, energy cultivation and connection to self etc. Yoni yoga helps create ritual in your life that enriches your mind, body and soul at the same time.

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