A Natural Way to Work out your Pelvic Floor Muscles

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 Not only in the US, is reproductive health in chaos worldwide.  At least in the USA, people are aware of reproductive health issues and are figuring out ways to manage them.  Being the richest nation on the planet, America should lead the way in tackling the not-so-explored aspect.

Kegel exercise weights became popular in the Western world when Gwyneth Paltrow, an American actress, touted the benefits of Jade eggs, also known as Yoni eggs or Kegel eggs.

Kegel eggs are egg-shaped gemstones marketed for vaginal insertion to work out the pelvic floor.  This form of exercise is called Kegel exercise and includes simple clench-and-release exercises that make the muscles of your pelvic floor stronger.  

Just to give you the basic information about the pelvic floor — the pelvic floor is an area at the bottom of your pelvis that includes a series of muscles and tissues that form a sling.  It holds the organs in the pelvis in place.

A strong pelvic floor is good for reproductive health and the health of the organs in the pelvis.

Healthline reported, according to Lauren Streicher, MD, a clinical professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University, “a stronger pelvic floor is associated with a more intense orgasm, reduced risk of or treating uterine prolapse, stronger internal grip during penetrative sex, reduced symptoms of incontinence, reduced risks of leakage, and promotes healing after vaginal childbirth.

Thus, it seems like working out your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercise can really help you achieve good reproductive health and avoid bladder issues.    

How to use Kegel exercise weights for Kegel exercise?

Kegel exercise weights, such as Kegel eggs, work by activating your pelvic muscles.  All you have to do to use Kegel exercise weights is insert a Kegel weight in your vagina until the entire bulb is in your vagina. 

Now, tighten your pelvic muscles to support the eKgel weight.  This way, your pelvic muscles will become active.  Make sure you keep the string attached to the Kegel weight on the outside.

You can initially do this exercise for a few minutes and later increase to a 15-minute schedule.  Some women keep the Kegel egg inside the vagina overnight.  Consult with an expert to find the right schedule.

Once you become used to it and no longer feel challenged in doing it, you can switch to larger Kegel weights.  Kegel exercise weights usually come in a set of three of varying sizes.  Start doing Kegel exercise with the small Kegel weight and then switch to the larger sizes.    

Benefits of Kegel exercise weights    

Balances body and mind

Kegel exercise weight has many benefits not only for the body, but also for the mind.  Kegel exercise weights are made of gemstones or crystals, which according to ancient wisdom, are believed to have energetic and healing properties that support healing, health and abundance.

Make your body Kegel easy  

Kegel weights make your body get into a Kegel state easily.  There are many other ways to do Kegel exercises, but they are not easy to perform or achieve the desired effects easily.  Not only that, it is not easy to find pelvic muscle exercises for beginners.  With Kegel weights, you can easily work out your pelvic muscles with simple steps.      

More effect in less time

Not only are Kegel weights easy to use, they also get your body into a state where it has more Kegel effect in less time.  To achieve the same effect with other means, you have to spend more time.  As this is a natural way to perform Kegel exercise, it is the best way to do Kegel exercises regularly.

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