Things You Should Know About Yoni Eggs: Types and Their Uses

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Medications for everything, yet some areas still left uncovered! Why are sexual intimacies such an eluded topic to be discussed and discovered about? Intimidated by the need of yoni eggs, there is no clear prospectus of how to choose the best egg for your vaginal health.  

Now stop wondering if you need eggs for better sexual abilities, mood swings, and healing process. There is nothing except the yoni eggs that could help you so privately and permanently. Even if you feel anxious about some areas in your life and want to be super cool about them, healing is the way out! Massage wangs and yoni eggs might help you heal through all the dark parts and foster self-love within you.

How are yoni eggs useful for your personal use?

No matter what age you are in, if you have been active sexually, you might need vaginal tightening, and yoni eggs would help you with the best and permanent cures. Women who have delivered recently should surely choose yoni eggs for their vaginal tightening and treat their hormonal mood swings.

Type of eggs you could choose

  • Nephrite jade yoni eggs: Nephrite jade is known for energy empowerment. The stone enhances healing, good health, and generosity.
  • Rose quartz yoni eggs: The rose quartz yoni eggs symbolize love and pride. It works best for your self-esteem and increases your self-worth. Also, they are used for pelvic and vaginal tightening.
  • Black obsidian egg: Yet another yoni egg symbolizing strength and positivity. Using these eggs enhances the energies in your body to nullify mental and physical negativity.
  • Lapis lazuli yoni egg: The lapis lazuli egg represents inner power. Working especially for pelvic tightening and sexual abilities, the egg promotes honesty and management. 
  • Helu Jade yoni eggs: The helu jade yoni eggs symbolize love and promote loyalty and homage. You can put the eggs inside your vagina and wait for better intimate health. 

How to choose the right size and color of the yoni egg?

Over a century of use, yet people don’t open up about the use of yoni eggs, and eventually, the guide remains private and unclear. The size of the yoni egg you should use for the healing process does not depend upon the height of the women. To be precise tall women do not use large stones, and petite women do not use small stones. The size of stones depends upon the time you have spent in using them. The beginners must buy a set of three stones so that they could figure out what size works best for them.

Do not use the stones while you are conceiving or just after birth. Wait for some time, and you can avail yourself of the benefits of using yoni stones.


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