Yoni Crystals Ritual: Awaken the Divine Feminine Hiding inside You

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Want to plea anything new into your life or clear out something old?  Build a private, safe and endless space for 30-60 minutes with yoni eggs to discover the capacity of your body for mesmerized healing and pleasure.

Yoni healing eggs have been used by most ‘in-tune’ women to improve their vaginal wellness.  Using a quality lapis lazuli yoni egg is a blessed self-love ritual.  By using these eggs, a woman can become more in-tune with her femininity and create a stronger bond by improving all her relations.

A yoni egg is the perfect device for internal vaginal use.  Consisting of an egg-shaped polished gem, it can be used as a Kegal weight, a crystal therapy tool and as a sex toy.  It originated in ancient China where imperial mistresses used it to maintain their vitality and sexual prowess.

Lapis lazuli yoni eggs: providing a clear perspective of one’s whole life

Are you having menstrual irregularities, cramps, headaches or muscle stiffness?  Lapis lazuli yoni eggs provide a clearer perception of one’s whole life.  It stimulates the memory in any learning process, the desire for truth and understanding, and resolves problems.

Yoni eggs boost the immune system, lower the risk of blood pressure and purify the blood.  They also improve the function of the respiratory system, nervous system and throat.

Top 10 highlights of lapis lazuli yoni eggs 

  1. An ideal protection stone that can be worn to guard against psychic attacks.
  2. Quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace.
  3. Brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.
  4. Encourages self-awareness and allows self-expression.
  5. Alleviates insomnia, vertigo and overcomes depression.
  6. Discloses the inner truth by offering qualities of honesty, kindness and ethics.
  7. Rouses clarity, objectivity and encourages creativity.
  8. Assists you in confrontation and speaking the truth; stimulates confidence.
  9. Cleanses organs, bone marrow and thymus.
  10. Bonds relationships and aids in the expression of feelings and emotions.

Choose the right size according to your unique requirements

Lapis lazuli yoni eggs are available in different sizes.  If you are a beginner, opt for a set of three lapis lazuli yoni eggsThey help to advance muscles and the size can be altered accordingly.

For instance, if you are woman who wishes to work on the size of the pelvis or vagina, use the larger size of yoni eggs.

Experience and properties of lapis lazuli yoni eggs 

Because of its link to the third eye chakra, the lapis lazuli yoni eggs stimulate intuition, psychic abilities, and intuition. Beloved by royalty, this gem makes users more aware and assertive. It is excellent for reawakening your inner queen and become more confident and booming.

Starting a yoni egg practice with this magical stone can be very beneficial. It is also great for people who have insomnia, migraines, menstrual or hormonal irregularities, and aids the thyroid gland to improve fertility and metabolism. It is a crystal of truth used in mediation. It helps practitioners understand their purpose.

To create a deeper connection to your feminine essence, look for authentic Lapis lazuli yoni eggs. Yoni eggs don’t only tighten the walls of the yoni (vagina), it also increases sensitivity and boosts the feelings of pleasure. It is an ideal option to heal any unwanted feelings of the past.

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