How To Use The Yoni Egg

  1. Lay Down- Start laying down.  You can move to sitting or standing positions later.

  2. Locate You Muscles-  They are the same muscles that prevent your urine from flowing.

  3. Gently Insert- Make sure the string remains outside.

  4. Contract-  Contract for 30 seconds then rest for 1-2 minutes.  Do this 3-5 times.  Do not leave the egg in past the exercise period.

  5. Listen to your Body-  If you are tired, rest.  If you can do more, go for it!  Every woman has different needs.  Make sure to go at your own pace.

  6.  Don’t rush- A relaxed pace is essential for proper performance and safety. 

  7. Relax- Muscle release and exhalation are just as important as contraction.

  8. Watch the String- Make sure the thread is in good shape.  If not, replace it with un-waxed floss.  It is recommended to replace the string after each use.

  9.  Yoni Massage- Enter this page to learn how to do it.

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