Amethyst Yoni Eggs - Set of Three

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Eggs in the Set

Set of three natural amethyst yoni eggs drilled with hole. The quartz is 100% pure stone so the color may vary slightly.

Yoni Egg Information

Having balance in life is of utmost importance and therefore, Natural Yoni Eggs has made Amethyst that symbolizes balance. If you have any physical ailments or you want to enhance endurance, this is the right stone for you. 

How To Choose Your Egg Size

The selection of the Amethyst yoni eggs totally depends on an individual and the purpose of use. To begin with, you can choose to buy the set of yoni eggs which will help you determine the right size for you.

As the stone is 100% natural, the stone displayed on the online site may vary in color.

Sizes Available:

Small - 30x20mm or 1.18x.79 inches
Medium - 40x25mm or 1.57x0.98 inches
Large - 45x30mm or 1.77x1.18 inches

The beautiful yoni eggs Amethyst is available in three different sizes which have been listed above along with their dimensions.

Amethyst Yoni Eggs - Set of Three

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