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Natural Yoni Eggs


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Stone Information

Amethyst yoni eggs is means "not intoxicated". Eggs are drilled with hole. The quartz is 100% authentic and natural stone so it may vary in color.

Having balance in life is of utmost importance and Amethyst creates an air of tranquility in the space. If you have any physical ailments or you want to enhance endurance, this is the right stone for you. 

How To Choose Your Egg Size

Sizes Available: 

Large - 1.77x1.18 inches (45x30mm) 

Medium - 1.57x.98 inches (40x25mm) 

Small - 1.18x.79 inches (30x20mm) 

The correct egg size varies by individual and purpose.  It is recommended that beginners start with the three egg set.  Most beginners will begin with the large or small egg.  Depending on the purpose of use, users will change sizes after a few weeks.  Beginners will become more advanced and will change sizes as muscles develop.  The three egg set allows users to find their ideal size for their comfort level while providing the necessary eggs for advancement.

While the three egg set is recommended for beginners, the size of the egg is based on usage and experience, not a woman’s size.  If the primary use is for vaginal tightening or pelvic strengthening, the large egg is recommended to start.  As you become more advanced, you will decrease in size to medium or small egg.  If the primary purpose is decreasing incontinence or moistening, it is recommended that beginners start with the small egg and work their way up to the medium or large egg as they become more advanced.  If you want the egg for general health, it is recommended to begin with the medium egg as it provides more immediate benefits for general purposes.

Yoni Egg Information

 These Yoni, also known and Kegel, eggs are specially designed for pelvic and vaginal health.

Benefits include enhanced sexual pleasure, greater moistness, lower urination needs, and core/ abdominal muscle development. For tightening purposes, such as post-pregnancy, large eggs can be used to start with gradual movement to smaller eggs. For moistening purposes, smaller eggs can be exceedingly beneficial.

These eggs come with an attached string, but it can be removed or replaced at any time. If you want to replace the string, unwaxed dental floss is recommended.

The egg set comes in a small silk pouch, for easy storage. Color of the pouch may vary but requests are accepted. It also comes with a small booklet with information on usage, performance, and cleanliness.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenna Thompson
Yoni eggs

I received my order in a the expected time frame all yoni eggs came as expected beautiful crystals that have improved my yoni exercise

Ashley Jefferson
Absolutely love

I was a little apprehensive at first about trying something new with my tea pea but after researching I followed the directions and it was awesome!! I was told by my partner that it made a difference, I will continue to use

Haydee Kozich

They are perfect
And gentle

Diane faison
Love this stone

my journey with yoni eggs has been tremendous and I love the different healing properties

Katherine Parker

Love my yoni eggs