Black Obsidian Massage Wand

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Natural Black Obsidian Massage Wand

Black obsidian massage wand tool used in healing, reiki (a restorative natural healing process), reflexology, meditation, and healing treatments. The wand is hand cut, sanded, and polished using only natural methods. No chemicals are used in making the wand.

Black obsidian symbolizes strength. It enhances protective energies to negate negativity, both physical and mental. Black obsidian massage wands can help release stress and enhance positive energy.

The small is 4.3" long. In the thick back, it is 0.93" and in the thin front it is 0.75".
The extra-large is 6.7" long. In the thick back, it is 1.6" and in the thin front it is 0.75".

The wand comes in a silk or cotton pouch, for easy storage. Color of the pouch may vary but requests are accepted. It also comes with a small booklet with information on usage, performance, and cleanliness.

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Speedy service

My order got to me way quicker than I could’ve expected. I ordered it in the evening and the next morning was notified that it was being processed! The wand itself is good quality, especially for the price



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