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Natural Yoni Eggs

Lapis Lazuli

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Eggs in the Yoni Egg Set

Set of three natural lapis lazuli yoni eggs drilled with hole. The lapis lazuli is 100% natural and authentic stone so the color may vary slightly.

Yoni Egg Information

If you are lacking power from within, this natural yoni egg will promote truth and organization in your life. Power from within helps you complete the tasks in a better way and also, power helps to fight against illness and negativity. Once you use the Lapis Lazuli yoni egg, you will feel the difference in your daily routines and accomplishments.

Choose the Right Size as Per Requirements

Lapis Lazuli yoni eggs are available in different sizes for which you need to choose the correct size. If you are a beginner, you must opt for a set of three Lapis Lazuli yoni eggs. These eggs help you develop muscles and then the size can be altered accordingly. For instance, if you are a woman and you wish to work on the size of the pelvis or vagina, you must use the large size Lapis Lazuli yoni egg.

Sizes Available: 

Large - 1.77x1.18 inches (45x30mm) 

Medium - 1.57x.98 inches (40x25mm) 

Small - 1.18x.79 inc44hes (30x20mm) 

This yoni egg set includes all three egg sizes.

Lapis Lazuli Yoni Egg - Set of Three

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Paulie Nathan
Incredible stones that are stunning

This is what you expect. Beautiful stones exactly as pictured.