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Natural Yoni Eggs

Purple Fluorite

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Yoni Egg Information

No matter how off-track you have gone, spirituality will set things right. In case you have lost faith, the Purple Fluorite Yoni egg will help you maintain spirituality and it symbolizes spirituality. To get inner-peace this stone is the best. Along with inner-peace, it will help you gain protection and wholeness. 

How To Choose Your Egg Size

If you wish to wish to use the stone for initially tightening the vagina, the large size is recommended. Alternatively, once you start getting results, you can reduce the size according to the preferences and purpose. Adding further, if you aim is to use the stone for maintaining general health; it is advisable for all to use the medium-sized Purple Fluorite.

No matter what size a woman is, the usage of this beautiful stone depends on the size of the stone. There are three sizes available for all the buyers.

Sizes Available: 

Large - 1.77x1.18 inches (45x30mm) 

Medium - 1.57x.98 inches (40x25mm) 

Small - 1.18x.79 inches (30x20mm) 

Purple Fluorite Yoni Egg - Small, Medium or Large

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Unique For Sure

I have never tried anything other than nephrite but wanted to branch out. I got the small and it is really different than nephrite. It is lighter but works just as good. I recommend it.