Red Tigers Eye Yoni Egg - Small, Medium or Large

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Eggs in the Set

Set of three red tigers eye yoni egg is available at a small, medium and large size. 

Yoni Egg Information

For the fulfillment of any task, one must have stability. Stability comes with willpower, prosperity, and confidence. However, if you think you lack in these qualities, buy the red tigers eye yoni egg. This stone symbolizes stability and will help you work on the three above-listed qualities. 

Choose Your Size

Choose the size of your tiger's egg yoni egg:

Sizes Available: 

Large - 1.77x1.18 inches (45x30mm) 

Medium - 1.57x.98 inches (40x25mm) 

Small - 1.18x.79 inches (30x20mm)

How To Choose Your Egg Size

If you are not sure about the size that will suit you, it is advisable to buy the set of three red tiger’s eye yoni eggs. You can start using the large stone initially, and then gradually the size can be adjusted according to your needs and purpose. 

Red Tiger's Eye Yoni Egg - Small, Medium or Large

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Incredibly beautiful and fast shipping

Came in two days when I ordered Saturday night. Very nice stuff!



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